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Addys Mercedes
CD Album & Vinyl 2.9.16

Label: Media Luna
LC 11401

all songs written by:
Addys Mercedes
Cae Davis
Pomez di Lorenzo

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Addys Mercedes & the new album „Extraña“ in words

When we hear the phrase “Viva la Revolución!” our thoughts turn to Che Guevara and Cuba, to socialism, the economic embargo, and the political tug o’ war. And of an exuberant and joyous attitude to life, one that gives no hint of the problems great and small that face the people who live there.

Addys Mercedes was born into this difficult world in 1973. She grew up in a small village not far from Guantánamo, sharing a house thatched with palm fronds (but without electricity) with her siblings, her mother, and her grandmother. … continue reading

Don’t speak spanish and wondering what the songs are about?

Extraña (en: strange; unfamiliar)
„I’m the tree in your garden, from a distant land. My flavor has a bitter taste. I’m a habanero chili, a feast for your tongue, a breath of life, I’m light and I’m peace. I’m strange to you, dark and disturbing, dust on your shoes, mother earth. I’m the ship in your harbor, hidden treasure, the pinch of salt in your tears. I’m a stranger in your world, I’m a vagrant made of sun and sugar cane; why am I a stranger to you? … continue reading

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