The 5th album from Addys Mercedes to be released on September, 2nd 2016, BeNeLux 7.10.16 (CD & Vinyl)

Soy extraña en tu mundo,
soy un ser vagabundo
del sol y la caña,
por qué te soy extraña?

Extraña (en: strange; unfamiliar)
„I’m the tree in your garden, from a distant land. My flavor has a bitter taste. I’m a habanero chili, a feast for your tongue, a breath of life, I’m light and I’m peace. I’m strange to you, dark and disturbing, dust on your shoes, mother earth. I’m the ship in your harbor, hidden treasure, the pinch of salt in your tears. I’m a stranger in your world, I’m a vagrant made of sun and sugar cane; why am I a stranger to you?“

13 songs that strikingly reveal Addys‘ temperament, her special charisma and her love of music. She combines traditional Cuban music with a modern Cuba that is also open to pop music, swing and blues. Lia’s violin playing revives the forgotten tradition of Cuban Charanga.

Memories of the poverty of her childhood are to be heard in „Doña Rosa“: „For my first concert, my Mother brought me a dress belonging to a lady who had died; it had been given to her as a present. We had no money for new clothes. I think about how I can go on living Doña Rosa’s life.“

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Silbando a La Luna
Single (12.8.16)

Addys, enrobed in sounds of dreamy African guitar picking and acoustic deep house, is running into the night, somewhere between yesterday and today, whistling to the moon.

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La gran voz de Cuba
Extraña Tour

An Addys Mercedes concert is a journey between the sun and the moon, yesterday and today, serious moods and lightheartedness. The big voice of Cuba liberates the music of her homeland from its dusty image, putting aside the clichés of fat cigars, singing grandfathers and loose young women, leading us instead into a world of uninhibited high spirits and deep melancholy.

Her well-known hits like „Rompe el Caracol“ and „Vive La Vida“ conjure up dancing through summer nights. Songs like “Nada”, in which she addresses the subject of social inequality, bring out the thoughtful side in her, while „Sabado Roto“ is about having the winter blues in Europe. However, the highlights of her concerts are the quiet moments in wonderful ballads such as „Atrapa Los Sueños“ or „Doña Rosa“. The diva who performs in major concert halls uses her warm and expressive voice to reveal subtle and delicate nuances.

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Vive La Vida
Single (20.5.16)

„Vive La Vida“ is a hymn to life. Addys‘ motto: „Live life as it comes“ balances her joie de vivre with Cuban fatalism. „Vive La Vida“ – a song for dancing the night away – is bursting with energy. The music is influenced by Argentine tango and Dominican pambiche, the most highly syncopated version of merengue. In the video clip, Addys is cycling through Havana on a rickety old bicycle, putting up posters with her message on the walls of the houses.

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Locomotora a Cuba

Locomotora a Cuba
Das neue Album

Die warme Stimme von Addys Mercedes entführt uns in ein Kuba zwischen ausgelassener Fröhlichkeit und tiefer Melancholie. Ein Album das den Klang Kubas verkörpert und taufrisch klingt.

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Rompe El Caracol – Sommersingle 2014 – #90 der Airplaycharts


Addys live
Eine musikalische Familienaffäre …

In ihrem neuen Liveprogramm „En Casa de Addys“ verbindet Addys Mercedes aktuelles Songwriting mit traditionellen Guajiras und Balladen. Ihre unverwechselbare Stimme und die Instrumentierung mit Geige, E-Gitarre und Cajon erzeugen eine nahe Atmosphäre – mal poetisch, verträumt, mal locker und unbefangen. … weiter


Single in spring 2015

Nada went up to 133 in german radio charts (mainstream charts 43)

Nada – Single spring 2015

Too Hot for Revolution
Summer single 2015 (June 2015)

Addys Mercedes looks back at her life in Cuba – both on the large and small scale: At 40 degrees in the shade a ball of strawberry ice is a pleasure. „Give me a break“ from the revolution – is how you may want to counter ageing rebels. As important the revolution may have been, after over half a century the romance of revolution is still dominating the street scene.

With acoustic guitar and reduced beat Addys Mercedes’ new bilingual single „Too Hot for Revolution“ is grooving into the summer. The relaxed spanish verses are adding a warm colour to the flying english hooks (flying with the rebels).

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addyssinglesabadoroto-mid Sabado Roto
2011 Mainstreamcharts #51

Accompanied by mandolines, okuleles and a cuban tres Addys sings of a rainy Saturday, a Sabado Roto (broken Saturday). While singing she forgets about her bad luck (mala suerte) and starts to enjoy her destiny. Self-mockingly Sabado Roto describes the life of a Cuban in rainy Europe.